Sendai 仙台Day 1

I took the 2 days-off to visit Sendai. I did a bit of research of course beforehand. I asked my co-workers, got a guide book from bookstore, search the web….

Bus in Japan

I was up at 7am today and arrived at the bus terminus at 7.40, just 5 mins before the bus was supposed to depart. This is my very first time to try the long distance bus in Japan I couldn’t be more excited. The bus was so nice and comfy, seats are all reclinable and they come with plenty of leg room. To my disappointment, there is no toilet, the kind of facility you can find in most long-distance coaches in other countries. Fortunately, the bus stopped twice midway and you will be given 10 mins toilet time. We arrived at Sendai Station at 10.15am.

Arriving in Sendai 仙台

仙台駅(西口) Sendai Rail Station. Sendai, JapanMy initial plan was to check out the malls in the vincinity once I got there, but I changed my mind and went straight to the hotel to check if everything was okay. It turned out that I did the right thing as the hotel I was booked into only serves males. Of course I got so mad as they didn’t ask or tell me about it when I called them to book my room. They called up another Capsule hotel nearby and booked me in. It took me 15 mins to walk there. It’s called Leaves and its facilities are newer and better than original one yet it costs me 3300yen, 500 yen more. Arriving at Leaves, the guy at the front desk was so nice to show me around the hotel and my room , most importantly, he can speak English! I dropped off some of my stuff at the hotel and headed for Mutsui三井 Outlet. I also checked out Loft next to the Sendai station and ate my lunch in a Japanese restaurant called Ootoya. I ordered a set with a bowl of rice and a hot pot of sizzling chicken. Though it comes in a pot and the pieces of chicken were fried, they were so fresh inside.

Shopping time!

I spent some time checking out some floors in Loft and headed for the Outlet. I took Sendai Subway to JR Sendai Station and changed trains there. It took me totally about 25 mins. There is a 10 – 15 mins walk til you get to the Outlet. I thought the outlet was small since there aren’t many shops there when I read it in the guide book yet it took me a couple of hours to finish all the stores one by one. I got a pair of Nike runners for 3999yen – the first time in my life to try Nike so will see how it goes. It ended up I didn’t get any jersey as I planned to since they were either too pricey or 100% made in polyester which can be very stuffy in summer. When I was enjoying my shopping, I saw a colourful little train taking the kids around the mall. When I got to the station where I can take the train back to Sendai centre, it was 7pm so decided to have my dinner a bit earlier. I went into a sushi restaurant called Kappa. I thought it wouldn’t take me much time to wait though there were people waiting there as i come by myself. It proved what I have experienced in other countries doesn’t apply here in Japan! I had to wait and wait for a couple of table until I got served. The food was clearly substandard yet it was damn cheap (one dish for 100 yen) so you can’t complain about it. I was back to the town centre at about 8.30pm.Sendai Station  003

Trapped again by packaging

Since shops close at about 9pm my experience tells me so I first went to Parco, the department store adjacent to the Sendai Station. I went to Yodobashiヨドバシfirst since it was en route to Parco. I wanted to get a memory card for my phone as it keeps alerting me the memory on my phone was running out. I couldn’t find any bargain so gave up and went to Parco. The mall looked absolutely upscale and cutting edge on the outside, making you can’t wait to go inside. Yet you will be disappointed later as most of the items there were those you can find everywhere in Japan so nothing special about it. It is a very typical Japanese way of how they package their items.
It was 9.30pm. I bumped into a security guard and I was escorted to the exit of the building since they were closing. I took the train back to Leaves. Getting out of the station and on my way back on the main streets were so quiet. As I went into the smaller streets they were packed outside the restaurants in that area. It explains why they were so quiet when I got there in the morning yet it was quite crowded at night.

My capsule room wasn’t bad. It’s long enough to fit in my whole body from head to toe.

Hotel Leaves:


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