Stuck in my room

I stayed home almost of the day today to recharge my batteries. I am supposed to be in Sendai or Tokyo this weekend but it didn’t work out as I needed to book my hotel room, tickets, and everything via the internet yet I still haven’t got it in my house. After doing some research about Sendai city, I found out that it isn’t as big a place as I previously imagined. I guess I’ll just grab a cheap tourist guidebook for 700 yen and stay there for 2 days and 1 night instead of 2 days and 2 nights I planned on before. I will be taking the cross-broader coach this Saturday and see how it goes.

I finished most parts of my final assignment for my education course. They have been sending me a couple of emails urging me to submit it or my graduation will be delayed something like that. So, I took the time today to finish as much as I can, took some pictures, wrote my blog….


The tomato sauce here at McDonald’s is a lot bigger than those in Australia and Hong Kong. It looks like the salad dressing you can get in cafes and it is in small plastic box and most important it is free!! Of course I asked the staff there if it is given to me free, though I bought a hamburger which costs me 100yen (I am still regretting as it is so small)



This is a pack bandaid a co-worker at Shiragata (one of the schools that I visit). The bandaids all come with little police officers, police cars…. And they are all soo cute that I can’t love them more. I guess the kids must love them. I gotta show them tomorrow in the school to see their reactions.


 I tried the Genki Sushi on Friday night with Dan. I believed it must be fantastic since the Genki Sushi in Hong Kong was so yummy. Here is Japan and it is where Genki Sushi originates so it must taste more original and better. How did it turn out? The sushi there sucks. It was ione of the worst sushi restaurant I have every tried in my entire life, though the Genki Sushi here costs just 105 yen compared with 175 – 180yen the lowest you can get in Hong Kong. Plus, the choices on the food chain is so limited and most of the sushi had already dried out. It is mainly because there weren’t many people there (yet it was 7.45pm on Friday night).Anyways, the Genki here is under another name Sushionndo as you can see from the receipt. I tried the Fried Salmon, Negi Salmon, and other one and that’s it. It costs me 315 yen (Dan didn’t eat anything)and it didn’t come with ANY service charge, which really amazed me! (It also means that the tea and water were absolutely free!!) I wish one day in Australia and Hong Kong the service charge in restaurants will be waived. Day-Dreaming again……….



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