Onsen again

I went to an onsen (Japanese hotspring) near my house on my way home. I have been trying different onsens these days since my first time 2 weeks ago. Why? Though I don’t quite enjoy  it as much as the Japanese do, I do appreciate the healing effects. I thought the travel programmes on TV lied or at least, overemphasize the effects that onsens can bring to us but it turned out to be really stunning. I had a spring at my ankle a couple of weeks ago at school. At that moment, I couldn’t even stand so I thought I was going to be a cripple for the rest of my life. Worse still, my ankle didn’t turn blue or get swollen or anything so I know it is the inside that got hurt. That is the major reason that urged me to really think about trying onsen. I visited one of the most famous onsens (after researching online) called Eirakukan in Koriyama. It was a fantastic experience and it cost me just 800yen (see 13 May diary).


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