Eirakukan 栄楽館

I went to a Japanese hotspring yesterday (Eirakukan 栄楽館). It was one of the most pleasing,  relaxing experience I have ever had in my life. I did my research online and found out Eirakukan was the 2nd best onsen in Koriyama area yet the price is half that of the 1st best. It is my first time to onsen and I am not an expert so there’s no reason to pay so much to try the best.

I arrived at Eirakukan at about 11am. The lobby (it is an onsen hotel don’t forget) was so elegant. I paid at the front desk and it was 800yen. The lady at the reception told me to take the evaluator to the 8th floor so I did. The way leading to the onsen was so comfy and homey.

The facilities were also good – toilet, hair dryer,  face wash, lotion, moisturizer, lockers, a little corner for you to sit down and rest. When I got there, there were only 2 ladies. Thaere are two separate areas : one indoors and one outdoors. The indoor one is an enclosed area with a  huge glass wall so you can watch the hillside view but you’re totally separated. You won’t even hear a noise from the outside. You can imagine it can get quite stuffy since hotspring is hot and steam keeps diffusinog from the. big pool of water. Anways, the water was 45 degrees. I couldn’t stand for over 10 mins unttryanil I got out to try the outdoor one. The outdoor one is much better. It exactly counteracts the heat from the water, it cools you down just right! Plus, you can enjoy the view while in the onsen. If you like, there is a little area for you so you can get out of the onsen and stand there for a while and get back in which is fantastic. I did that a couple of rounds and I spent a couple of my beautiful hours at the onsen. After the onsen, I went to the first floor to use the internet a couple of hours with my laptop. Most importantly, it is free!The view there was also fantastic.

I also checked out some of the shops en route in Koriyama and got home at 10pm. What a big day!


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