Cherry blossom in Japan

It’s getting warm these days. Cherries (or Sakura in Japanese language) are blooming everywhere in Tokyo right now and the Sakura line is approaching the northern part of Japan.

Komori sensei asked me last week to go check out the sakura so we went to Syakadou gawa (a creek with trees along the side ) today. If you know a bit about Japan, you may have heard that Sakura comes only once a year. If you missed it  you’ll have to wait for the next year until you’ll see it again.

Since Komori sensei and I weren’t driving so Dan drove us to Syagadou gawa. We got there at around 2pm and there were already packs of people eating and enjoying the lovely sakura view there. We got some ice-cream and drinks and picked a place to settle down. I also taped some videos so here’s the snapshots (below) and video  at youtube:


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